About us . . .

Our Vision

To develop a strong and vibrant English-speaking community in Montérégie West

Our Mission

  • Bring together individuals, community groups, public organizations, professionals and businesses;
  • Form partnerships and bonds within the Montérégie West community and with its neighbors; 
  • Encourage lifelong learning for everyone from the youth to the elderly;
  • Provide information and resources to promote improved access to health and social services for all.

What we do

Working with our Monteregie West communities, we provide

  • Information and resources to promote improved access to health and social services for all
  • Workshops
  • Exercise programs
  • Inter-generational support
  • Community-building through excursions, forums and social events
  • Life-long learning
  • Volunteer support, recruitment and recognition

MWCN History

The MWCN was founded in 1999 as the Chateauguay Focus Group. In 2004, the group became The Chateauguay English Community Network (Le Reseau Anglophone de la Communauté de Chateauguay) The “CECN”. Throughout these years the organization has grown by creating new opportunities, events and more.

Since May, 2016, we are known as the Monteregie West Community Network; the MWCN!

MWCN Board Members

President – Lise Brunette

Vice President – Merlin Halliday

Treasurer – Tracy Wilkins

Secretary – Chuck Halliday

Executive Director – Pauline Wiedow


– Susan Parker

– Maria Friozzi

– Kostat Theofanos

– Jayme McClintock

– Marlene Davies

– Judith Picard

– Don Rosenbaum